FinancialReporter Class

This global class allows users to do the following with Financial Reports:
1. Running reports
2. Deleting reports
3. Retrieving reports

FinancialReporter Methods

The following are the global methods for the FinancialReporter class. All methods are static.

deleteReports(Set<Id> reportIds)

Deletes financials reports.

Return Value
Type: ServiceResult


Set<Id> toDelete = [SELECT ID FROM AcctSeed__Financial_Report_Result__c];
AcctSeed.ServiceResult result = AcctSeed.FinancialReporter.deleteReports(toDelete);
retrieveReports(FinancialReportOptions.FinancialReportType reportType)

Retrieves financial reports. Maximum 200 reports can be retrieved at a time.

Return Value
Type: List<Financial_Report_Result__c>


List<AcctSeed__Financial_Report_Result__c> result = AcctSeed.FinancialReporter.retrieveReports(AcctSeed.FinancialReportOptions.FinancialReportType.PROFIT_AND_LOSS);
runReport(FinancialReportOptions options)

Generate financial reports: 1. Profit & Loss report 1. Profit & Loss report vs Budget 1. Balance Sheet report 1. Trial Balance report 1. Cash Flow statement 1. Custom report

Note: Methods are available in a non-trigger context. Usage in a trigger context will cause an exception.

Return Value
Type: ServiceResult


AcctSeed.ProfitAndLossFinancialReportOptions options = new ProfitAndLossFinancialReportOptions();
AcctSeed.ServiceResult sr = AcctSeed.FinancialReporter.runReport(options);