ALMRowChangeHandler Interface

Allows users to handle ALMRowChangeEvent events produced by the Advanced Line Manager.


updateRow(ALMRowChangeEvent event)

Responds to changes in row data for an instance of the ALM component.


sObject updateRow(ALMRowChangeEvent event)

Type: ALMRowCreateEvent

Return Value
The changed row with any additional updates.
Type: SObject

Sample Implementation

public SObject updateRow(ALMRowChangeEvent event){
  // cast the row to the correct type
  Account_Payable_Line__c line = (Account_Payable_Line__c) event.updatedRow;
  // react to changes in the internal comment field
  if (line.Internal_Comment__c == 'One Hundred') {
    payableLine.Unit_Price__c = 100;
  // return the updated row
  return payableLine;