ALMRowCreateHandler Interface

Allows users to handle ALMRowCreateEvent events produced by the Advanced Line Manager.


createRow(ALMRowCreateEvent event)

Handles the creation of new rows for an instance of the ALM component.


List<SObject> createRow(ALMRowCreateEvent event)

Type: ALMRowCreateEvent

Return Value
The new rows to be displayed by the ALM component.
Type: List<SObject>

Sample Implementation

public List<SObject> createRow(ALMRowCreateEvent event){
  // create a list to hold the new Payable Lines
  List<Account_Payable_Line__c> lines = new List<Account_Payable_Line__c();
  // create the number of rows specified by createRowsCount
  for(Integer i=0; i<event.createRowsCount; i++){
    // create a new row with some default values
    lines.add(new Account_Payable_Line__c(
      Date__c =
  // return the new lines
  return lines;